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Tuesday 28, 13:40 - 15:20

Chair: Tülay Adali

ID paper Title and authors


8 ICA separability of nonlinear models with references: general properties and application to Heisenberg-coupled quantum states (qubits)
   Yannick Deville
10 Adaptive underdetermined ICA for handling an unknow number of sources
   Andreas Sandmair, Alam Zaib and Fernando Puente León
17 Independent Phase Analysis: Separating Phase-Locked Subspaces
   Miguel Almeida, José Bioucas-Dias and Ricardo Vigario
18 Second and Higher-Order Correlation Analysis of Multiple Multidimensional Variables by Joint Diagonalization
   Xilin Li, Matthew Anderson and Tulay Adali
19 Independent Component Analysis of Time/Position Varying Mixtures
   Michael Shamis and Yehoshua Zeevi
21 Random Pruning of Blockwise Stationary Mixtures for Online BSS
   Alessandro Adamo and Giuliano Grossi
26 Use of prior Knowledge in a non-Gaussian method for learning linear structural equation models
   Takanori Inazumi, Shohei Shimizu and Takashi Washio
27 A new performance index for ICA: properties, computation and asymptotic analysis
   Pauliina Ilmonen, Klaus Nordhausen, Hannu Oja and Esa Ollila
29 Blind operation of a reccurent neural network for linear-quadratic source separation: fixed points, stabilization and adaptation scheme
   Yannick Deville and Shahram Hosseini
39 Statistical Model of Speech Signals Based on Composite Autoregressive System with Application to Blind Source Separation
   Hirokazu Kameoka, Takuya Yoshioka, Mariko Hamamura, Jonathan Le Roux and Kunio Kashino  
50 Information-theoretic Model Selection for Independent Components
   Claudia Plant, Fabian Theis, Anke Meyer-Baese and Christian Böhm
53 Blind Source Separation of Overdetermined Linear-quadratic Mixtures
   Leonardo Duarte, Ricardo Suyama, Romis Attux, Yannick Deville, Joao Romano and Christian Jutten
54 Constrained Complex-Valued ICA Without Permutation Ambiguity Based on Negentropy Maximization
   Qiu-Hua Lin, Li-Dan Wang, Jian-Gang Lin and Xiao-Feng Gong 
63 Times Series Causality Inference using Echo State Networks
   N. Michael Mayer, Oliver Obst and Chang Yu-Chen
73 Complex Blind Source Separation via Simultaneous Strong Uncorrelating Transform
  Hao Shen and Martin Kleinsteuber
79 A General Approach for Robustification of ICA Algorithms
   Matthew Anderson and Tulay Adali
104 Strong Sub-and Super-Gaussianity
   Jason Palmer, Ken Kreutz-Delgado and  Scott Makeig
6 Hybrid Channel Estimation Strategy for MIMO systems with Decision Feedback Equalizer
   Héctor José Pérez Iglesias, Adriana Dapena, Paula Castro and José A. Garcí­a-Naya
34 An Alternating Minimization Method for Sparse Channel Estimation
   Rad Niazadeh, Massoud Babaie-Zadeh and Christian  Jutten
87 A Method for Filter Equalization in Convolutive Blind Source Separation
   Radoslaw Mazur and Alfred Mertins
88 Cancellation of nonlinear Inter-Carrier Interference in OFDM Systems with Nonlinear Power-Amplifiers
   Alexandre Fernandes, Joao Cesar Mota and Gérard Favier