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Wednesday 29, 13:40 - 15:20

Chair: Lieven De Lathauwer

ID paper Title and authors

Biomedical applications & Sparsity

9 Fast Block-Sparse Decomposition Based on SLO
   Sina Hamidi Ghalehjegh, Massoud Babaie-Zaded and Christian Jutten
61 Second-order source separation based on prior knowledge realized in a graph model
   Florian Blöchl, Andreas Kowarsch and Fabian Theis
65 Noise adjusted PCA for finding the subspace of evoked dependent signals from MEG data

 Florian Kohl, Gerd Wübbeler, Dorothea Kolossa, Clemens Elster, Markus Bär and Reinhold Orglmeister
74 Binary Sparse Coding
   Marc Henniges, Gervasio Puertas, Jörg Bornschein, Julian Eggert and Jörg Lücke
89 A Multichannel Spatial Compressed Sensing Approach for Direction of Arrival Estimation
   Aris Gretsistas and Mark D. Plumbley
96 Robust second-order source separation identifies experimental responses in biomedical imaging
   Fabian Theis, Nikola Müller, Claudia Plant and Christian Böhm
108 Decomposition of EEG signals for multichannel neural activity analysis in animal experiments
   Vincent Vigneron, Hsin Chen, Yen-Tai Chen, Hsin-Yi Lai and You-Yin Chen

Nonnegativity & Images

3 Using Non-Negative Matrix Factorization for Removing Show-Through
   Farnood Merrikh-Bayat, Massoud Babaie-Zadeh and Christian Jutten
5 Nonlinear Band Expansion and 3D Nonnegative Tensor Factorization for Blind Decomposition of Magnetic Resonance Image of the Brain
   Ivica Kopriva and Andrzej Cichocki
28 Informed source separation using latent components
   Antoine Liutkus, Roland Badeau and Gaël Richard
33 Non-stationary t-distribution Prior for Image Source Separation from Blurred Observations
   Koray Kayabol and Ercan Engin Kuruoglu
62 Automatic Rank Determination in Projective Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
   Zhirong Yang, Zhanxing Zhu and Erkki Oja
66 Non-negative independent Component Analysis algorithm based on 2D Givens rotations and a Newton optimization
   Wendyam Serge Boris Ouedraogo, Antoine Souloumiac and Christian Jutten
78 A new geometrical BSS approach for non negative sources
   Cosmin Lazar, Danielle Nuzillard and Ann Nowé
85 Dependent Component Analysis for Cosmology: a Case Study
   Ercan Engin Kuruoglu

Tensors/joint diagonalization

32 A time-frequency technique for blind separation and localization of pure delayed sources
   Dimitri Nion, Bart Vandewoestyne, Siegfried Vanaverbeke, Koen Van Den Abeele, Herbe De Gersem and Lieven DeLathauwer
43 Joint Eigenvalue Decomposition using Polar Matrix Factorization
   Xavier Luciani and Laurent Albera
116 Joint SVD and Its Application to Factorization Method
   Gen Hori